Do Gut Bugs Have Mind Control?

yJl7OB3sSpOdEIpHhZhd_DSC_1929_1One of the most fascinating trends in healthcare is in research of gut microbes.  The small intestines and large intestines have extremely different environments, treatments, disease states and research potential. Below is a link to one of the better articles on large intestine microbes. Our intestines house millions or billions of different microbes.  They span every range in type and benefit, from life saving to death causing.  They have the potential to eliminate obesity, cancer, depression, heart disease and diabetes.  They are nothing shy of healthcare seen in every futuristic movie or show created.  The amount of information we DO NOT know about these little buggers is staggering, but every pharmaceutical company is racing to patent whatever they can, as fast as they can.  Therefore we will see extensive research on this topic over the next few years. The most fascinating information to date is in the low tech research.  Like most natural approaches the power and safety come from the complexity of the compounds.  This is certainly true of gut microbes.  We have also found that by simply adding the most basics of high end probiotics makes a long-term positive difference in nearly everyone. If you have a long history of antibiotic use or IBS/Chron’s/Ulcerative colitis, take it easy on the dosage.  Probiotics of any sort are likely to make you feel worse before they make you feel better.  If you can not tolerate them, you may need to find an experienced practitioner to help guide you. is always a good place to start. Many more articles on Gut Health to come, it is one of my favorite health and wellness topics. For a fun read on the potential benefits on gut microbes, check out:  “Do gut bacteria control our minds” at


200_200-girl-facePsoriasis is a fairly common condition and is inherited, therefore one of your parents probably has it too.  For some, the symptoms of Psoriasis can be debilitating.  The plaques can be embarrassing and uncomfortable, and if it progresses to psoriatic arthritis it can be painful and damaging to your joints.

What is Psoriasis?
People with Psoriasis have increased rates in their skin proliferation rates.  The mitotic rate in psoriatic skin lesions is 1,000 times greater than in normal skin.  Uninvolved skin in psoriatic patients is 2.5 times greater than non-psoriatics.   Therefore the purpose of treatment is to not induce squamous cell proliferation, therefore increasing cAMP while not increasing cGMP.

How to Eliminate Symptoms
Psoriasis can not be cured, and it doesn’t need to be.  The way to eliminate all symptoms of Psoriasis is to balance cGMP and cAMP, then psoriatic skin will function more like normal skin.

Ways to Induce Balance
1. Increase Vitamin D supplementation and/or sun exposure without sunscreen.
2. Rule out food sensitivities (blood test or elimination diet)
3. Decrease animal fats (animal fats are high in arachadonic acid which increases cGMP)
4. Limit simple carbohydrates (leads to high glucose and insulin levels, increasing cGMP)
5. Weight reduction can help if applicable
6. Increase supplementation of Vitamin E (400iu) and Vitamin A (25,000iu) – Anti-oxidents specific for psoriasis.
7. Ensure sufficient intake of Selenium (200mcg) internal or topical when lesions are present to speed up breakdown of plaques.
8. Increase supplementation of Fish oil (Nordic Naturals from HealthWaves or Bio-Omega from Usana)
9. Ensure sufficient intake of Zinc (30mg to 3 mg Copper) inhibits cGMP precursors
10. Others: garlic, quercetin, folate, increase dietary fiber, fumaric acid can all be helpful.
A. Aspirin and any other NSAID (as best as applicable)
BHerbs like Arctium Lappa, Echinacea, Inula, Ginseng (select other immune and energy modulators)
C. Vitamin C and biotin (avoid supplementation beyond optimum levels)
D. Beta-blockers (if you are on a Beta-blocker, discuss alternative options with your doctor)

I generally start with the bold items and adjust to what other risk factors are present.  More often than not, even with mild psoriatic arthritis, the bold items are sufficient for relief of symptoms of Psoriasis.