Take Control of Your Health and Wellness

Although it would be great to get all of our nutritional needs met from our food, it just isn't realistic.  Dietary supplements, meal replacement shakes and highly nutritious snacks can make staying healthy much easier.

Below are two options.  It is up to you, which you choose to utilize.  They are both great options and you can choose to use both of them.

Throughout my blog I will provide treatment options, including product brand names and whether they can be found on Usana or HealthWave.  Feel free to contact me if you have questions about these options or do not see an item you wish to order. 



HealthWave is a way for you to get prescription grade supplements shipped directly to your home. Once you set up a free account, you will see selections of supplements I recommend for specific purposes or you can search their entire and extensive catalog. You can contact me with questions through my blog or through your HealthWave account.

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Usana is a single brand of supplements available today without a prescription and shipped directly to your home. They are designed to work synergystically together and can be set up for auto-ship to help keep you on your new wellness plan. I can recommend a wellness coach for you if you choose to go with this approach. Just let me know if you are interested in a referral.

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