About Me and My Blog

I am Dr. Michelle Clark.  I have a 4 year medical degree in Naturopathic Medicine and I live in Iowa.

My Medical Career
I have been an advisor to a couple of US Senators, a few State Senators and even a Govenor.  I have consulted on many Federal Health and Wellness committees.  I have sat on the board of most National Alternative Medicine Organizations.  Spent 8 years on the executive board for the organization that maintains oversight of all Alternative Medicine Organizations.  Started two State Associations and entered legislsative bills to expand access to alterative medicine in 36 states.  14 of the bills I ran, recieved more support than any other bill entered in that state, ever.  I created one of the first accredited Alternative Medicine undergraduate degrees, writing 8 of the courses myself. And I have many alternative medicine friends who are even more impressive than me.

What I Do Now
I had to choose to stop practicing medicine to move to Iowa. So I joined with my Dad and Twin Brother.  They make the wine in our Argentina Winery and I import and sell it.  Family is extremely important to me, and to work with my brother and dad everyday is simply wonderful.  My husband and I both work from home, so I get to have coffee and lunch with him almost everyday.  We spend as much time with our kids as we can and note regularly that they are growing up so very fast.  I still hold a license to practice medicine in another state.  This allows me to legally treat my family.  Since I keep up with the rapidly changing field of alternative medicine to provide my family with the best care in the state, I might as well share that information with other Iowans.  I hope it provides help to some until we can bring cutting edge wellness care to Iowa.


My Personal Life

My Health Blog

My Family
I have a husband and two kids.  My kids are great, I love them dearly.  My husband is the greatest part of my day, every day since I met him.  We play outside in all kinds of weather, read together every night and generally have a pretty great time.  We all love to travel and have gotten to see many amazing places. 

More Family
I love Iowa, Iowans and the wonderfully changing seasons that provide a different experience and view every month. We moved back to be close to our family.  We are lucky enough to have terrific parents and siblings and they all live within a few blocks of us.  Our kids get to play with their cousins and see their grandparents every week they aren't out of town. 

I have two undergraduate degrees in biology and studio art.  I love medicine, I love how complex it can be and how many amazing types of medicine exist around the world.  I think recycling is wonderful.  I have 12 foot trees growing in my house.  This summer my little garden will be filled with vegetables, flowers and culinary herbs.  My husband and I are fantastic cooks.  I workout with my son every morning.  I have always wanted to play the guitar but I only know two notes. I believe in equality, and often think Martin Luther King, JR and his impact. I like dogs, but have a fish. I am happier when with my husband but do enjoy going to an occasional party. Honesty is very important to me. And the skill I am currently working on is remembering to tell those I love how much I love them and what I think is wonderful about them.



Why Write a Health Blog?
I love Iowa, I love Iowans, I love Alternative Medicine.  I went to school too long and I have too much knowledge to not find a legal way to help Iowans navigate the world of Alternative Medicine. So I have decided to join the world of blogging to provide many of the elements to healthy living that Iowans are lacking. 

Access to Health & Wellness Specialists
Politics and Business have greatly complicated our healthcare, no matter where you live. Unfortunately, Iowa has very little access to non-pharmaceutical medicine. I hope to create a comprehensive list of natural health practitioners in a variety of specialties, to help you find the healthcare practitioners you need. 

Access to High Quality Supplements
Iowans have very little access to high quality supplements.  Additionally, Iowa's primary care provider's do not know the difference between any of the supplements available. They can't help you decide which to take, when they are useful and when they are harmful. This is a very large category to leave out of health care options and still expect to be healthy.

I Can Not Be Your Doctor
I can not answer your questions, be your doctor, or give you any medical advice.  What I can do is relay stories of pateints I have treated in the past, eliminating any identifying information.  I can post informational handouts, and crosspost cutting edge research that is relevant to health and wellness.  I can provide supplements that are high quality and frequently only available with a prescription.  And I can tell you about the practitioners we do have in Iowa that MDs don't know about.  I can tell you what they can and can not do for you and help you collect the support you need to be healthy and keep your family healthy.